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I work with minimal equipment and I shoot what is happening around me. I portray my work as "editorial documentary" because I shoot in a documentary style and edit with an editorial eye, for me this has always been the principal method of appealing to an audience - giving them the veracity with an edit that brings out the actuality of the topic theme.

Experienced in all different kinds of photography -Strong aesthetic sense -Technical knowledge of multiple camera technologies -Extensive communication, cooperation, and service skills -Critical thinking, analysis, and strong attention to small details, these skills will enable myself to deliver high quality, and poignant editorial pieces, as well as commissioned projects for charities, Magazines/Newspaper, as well as providing Photojournalism and real-life reportage skills.

I am available worldwide for photographic commissions, sponsored work, and projects, if you have a project in mind or just an idea you would like to explore, fill out the form on the ‘contact’ page and I will get back to you.

If forms are not your thing, and you would rather talk face to face (I prefer that too), send me a message with your Skype address and we can arrange a virtual meeting.


Read about my approach to photography and creative work here... 

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