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"...the more imaginative the work, the more profoundly it allows us to share the artists experience of the visible..."

Why?  Obsessed with the idea, that man and his camera can contribute to giving expression her voice back (yes, 'her'). 

With an editorial eye, and a documentary theme, picturing society’s  image persona has become a constant pastime- mayhem of history, uncertainty of future, perplexity of truth- there with the enthusiasm of life query, the nagging, and yet affirmed urge to understand that the “image” is only some of it.

Simply put I am a photographer of rhyme and reason, what I see, and how I see it, within that context, at times regurgitates the memory of youth, at other's even the astonishment of identity, either way I am profoundly ‘wired’ into the making sense of the world, and wildly addicted to expressing the convention of my perspective, 

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